Saturday, 6 April 2013

Au Revoir

How time slips away... ....when you are busy! Not that I'm saying anything you don't already know!

I'm looking a bit like this at the moment

sewing for me
sewing for TAFE
sewing for love

It doesn't really leave time for blogging as well...

So I have decided to take an indefinite break from the blog :( this leaves me a little bit sad...
I am still keeping the Sew-Happy House Facebook page going
which holds a rather eclectic collection of bits and pieces -  sewing updates,
 WiP's, TAFE news
links to inspiring or thought provoking sewing stories, fashion,
 my love of lingerie, tutorials, ideas for upcycling and sustainable textiles.....

I am still lurking the blogosphere, keeping up with news of 'old' and new friends, so look out for random comments :)

Cheers for now,


Thursday, 21 March 2013

What Colour Is That?

Just a little bit of reality brightness
that I thought we might all appreciate on this on this dull, rainy day :)
Have a colourful day everyone!


Sunday, 17 March 2013


Is the name of dressmaking fabric from Tessuti
which is the focus of a sewing competition they are currently running...
could easily describe my thinking processes at the moment as I struggle to 
custom-fit a dress pattern to my 
ample curves!

This is the fabric, a lovely winter weight blend with a moderate amount of drape.
You can see why Tessuti have named it "Gridlock"!

Make something with this fabric (discounted by 50% for the competition:) and be in the running for a $1000 prize!

A chance to win $1000 is hard to pass up
And I thought this would be a great opportunity to 
customise a dress block/pattern for me.

Having a good standard dress block that fits yourself 
provides a head start for making dresses, shirts,  and jackets. 
Half the battle (for me, anyway) of dressmaking is getting the fit right.

I started with this basic dress block that incorporates bust darts and shaping darts at the waist back & front. I made a quick toile to see where modifications needed to be made. What a demoralising fascinating process this was!!!

I discovered that I have a flat bum - but a hip measurement the same as my bust; my waist line at the front is FOUR inches lowers than the back and my bust point is sagging......
No wonder I have so much trouble buying clothes off the rack.

Here are a couple of my mangled attempts to wrestle this block into (my) shape...
Slash & spread at the front? No...
Here it is sulking in the corner...

 After a week of experimenting, cursing, temper tantrums and advice
 I think I am close to getting it right...
Which means I can finally get to the exciting part - 
Using the block to create the pattern, then garment that will be my entry in the
 Tessuti Gridlock Competition!

I have just about settled on a design for a button-through sleeveless dress that could be worn as is, with a shirt under, or perhaps over leggings or tailored pants.
Here are a few pics from my inspiration folder :)

Cheers for now


Friday, 15 March 2013

A New Gadget

Look what I just bought at Spotlight - A Seam-Fix.

Sadly, it doesn't actually fix a dodgy seam,
is something I would love to see invented :)
 - but it a handy-dandy gadget...and I am such a sucker for gadgets. 
The blade is nice and sharp and the rubbery doo-hicky is used to dislodge all those random cut threads after.
 The other bonus is that it has a large, easy to grip handle, so not too fiddly.

I just gave it a test run and it actually works!
(Always a relief when you've given in to the temptation of those colourful displays
 at the check-out - honestly there should be gadget-free counter similar to those
 treat-free ones at the supermarket :)



Friday, 8 March 2013

So just who is Anonymous anyway?

The perils of neglecting your blog for too long!

And clearly I have been paying scant attention to my responsibilities as a blogger for some time, though I didn't realise quite how long until I received a couple of messages from friends concerned for my welfare!

My prolonged absence from Blogland is unfortunately the result of a fling with.......
I have been seduced by it's quick and easy ways, it's bright colours,
the promise that Likes may turn into something more substantial......
and to be fair, FB is full of laughs, bright and cheery ....
it is somewhat shallow, lacking in depth
and never really in the mood for a good deep and meaningful chat - and I do love a long, verbose chat!

So, thank you for your has prompted a little Sew-Happy House spring autumn clean.

And what do you suppose I found?
A new admirer!!

Her/his  name is Anonymous and is clearly a person of taste and appreciative of fine prose. 

Just look at some of the flattering comments they have left:

"Fabulous, what a webpage it is! This blog provides helpful facts 

to us, keep it up."

"Youг methоd of telling evеrythіng іn thіs paragrаρh 

iѕ truly pleaѕant, every one be able to effortlesslу undeгstanԁ іt, Thаnks a lot."

"My bгother ѕuggested I mіght likе 

this blοg. He was tоtаlly right. Thіs post actuallу mаde my day."

Well, I had no idea!

 I think this must be a sign, an incentive to stop neglecting the Sew-Happy House blog!

Stand by for some updates on what I have been up to - I might not have been blogging, but I have been sewing :)

Cheers for now,


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